Save Zine started in a small kitchen in Brighton over a cup of coffee between three friends: Paul Butkus, Henrikas Riskus and Valus Sonov. All three are university graduates. Valus and Paul did photography and Henrikas aka H2 did visual communication design. 

The main idea behind Save Zine is that there isn’t any formal narrative behind the works published. We wanted to work with the notion that it is possible to create a visual experience using single images that are juxtaposed together outside any strict guidelines and rules, but relying on an intuitive sense of aesthetic and form. When we invite people to submit their works for us, we do not give them any instructions on what kind of things we expect to see. In essence Save Zine is about creativity and sharing.

For our online presence we use savezine.tumblr.com as a sort of a scrap book to post behind-the-scenes pictures, videos and other material related to the zine. Our main goal is a printed version.